Fountain of Youth – Flexibility

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Dauntless Fight Club


I was in class this past Friday and I did not perform at my best. I was the oldest in the class by twenty years. Typically, people my age are not necessarily expected to perform like the twenty somethings. I did not disappoint in that class.

I pride myself at keeping up with anyone in class and to perform all of the techniques. My conditioning was on point so I was able to keep up with the tempo of the class but… I was as stiff as a board so I was not able to perform at the level I wanted.

The day before I had a killer commute. I was stuck in the car for two hours on the way to work and three hours home. Nothing stiffens me up like being stuck in the car. I did not have time to work out the kinks before class on…

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2 thoughts on “Fountain of Youth – Flexibility

    Theresa andriulli said:
    June 4, 2018 at 7:36 am

    Love your ideas and writing


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