Put Down The Phone – Lend a hand.

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I sometimes find myself perusing social media looking at videos and memes. There is one trend I see that I find disturbing. There are a lot of videos posted of people being victimized. The thing that really disturbs me is the number of people videoing with their cellphones rather than helping the victim or at least using their cell phone to call for help.

There was one video in particular that was the inspiration for this article. There were two girls fighting with about 20 people standing around videoing the fight. What happened to people stepping in to break up the fight or calling for help? It used to be that fights would last less than a minute because people would step in and stop the fight.

I understand the desire to get more hits on a video or a website. I want people to come to my website too but not at the expense of other people getting hurt. It seems that we have lost sight of the value of people.

In many of our defense articles we discuss leaving the area. The best defense is to not be there. However, we do have a responsibility to help our fellow people. If we saw one of our loved ones being victimized, we would try to help them. Since we are martial artists and have some skills, if we are physically able to, we should try to help victims. How far we put ourselves at risk is a very personal decision. Police officers and other first responders have training that we as martial artists don’t and saving and protecting people is their vocation. As regular citizens, we can’t be expected to run into life threatening situations but we shouldn’t just stand around videoing the incident on our phones.

How you respond to someone being victimized is a very personal decision. I am not asking people to risk their lives. I am asking people to recognize that life is not a movie or a video game. The people getting beat up on those YouTube videos are getting injured. Witnessing the incident without at least trying to get help makes us an accomplice to their injuries.

Remembering the people we walk by every day are people can help give us the proper perspective. We are all part of the community and if we help and support each other, we will have a stronger healthier community.

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