Are you ready? Multiple Attackers.

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We have discussed multiple attackers in the past but recent events made me want to revisit the topic. If you are confronted with multiple attackers are you ready to protect yourself? Would you be able to get away with anyone you are responsible for? Whether it is road rage, civil unrest or targeted attack, are you ready to defend yourself and others. You probably have the technique but do you have adequate physical and mental conditioning.

It is important to be able to remain calm in difficult situations and to be in good enough shape to defend and escape. If you need to abandon your car due to civil unrest, do you have the presence of mind and the energy to guide your family for a mile to get to safety. It is important to know that before you get into that situation. If you cannot run for a mile keeping your family with you, you need to have another plan.

If you are in an accident and when you get out to exchange information, you find yourself surrounded by unfriendly opponents, will you have the presence of mind to try to deescalate the situation or the physical prowess to fight or get away? It was this situation that caused me the most concern. When I saw footage of this situation, I thought about whether I could get out of it. When I was honest with myself, I determined that I would not have been up to the challenge. I have let my fitness level slip to the point that I would be more at risk for injury than I should be. I have the technique, I have the proper attitude, but I do not have enough endurance. If I did not finish quickly, I would have been in a world of hurt.

I am exposed to footage of attacks from around the world for my research. It took one that was a little closer to home to give me a wakeup call. I need to be in better shape if I am going to protect myself and others when I am attacked by multiple attackers. I know several martial arts instructors that have been knocked out when attacked. I do not want to be added to that list. I am going to push myself to get into better shape so I will be able to have a better chance against multiple attackers. There are no guaranties. I can get into great shape and still get hurt or killed in an attack, but the better shape I am in, the more likely I will be able to defend myself and get away.

Do a self-assessment, be honest with yourself and see if you believe that you can defend yourself to the best of your ability. If you answer that you are not, consider making changes that will allow you to be able to defend yourself better and be a better example for your students.

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