The Enemies of our Success

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In the Lord of the Rings Trilogy King Theoden was either spellbound or poisoned, making him susceptible to the destructive suggestions of his enemies. These enemies were close to him and acted as his advisors and supporters. As I mentioned in an earlier article, we can learn about how to handle problems and how to live by reading fiction, like the Lord of the Rings.

It is unlikely that we will be put under a wizard’s spell or that our associates will poison us. It is however likely that we have people around us who destroy our confidence through their words and actions and that we poison ourselves with a poor diet, lack of sleep and inactivity.

This destruction of our confidence and the poisoning of our own bodies make us susceptible to the enemies of doubt and insecurity. We conspire against ourselves through our choice of associates, our poor diet choices and our lack of sleep.

We have all experienced the after junk food lull. Too much sugar, fats and/or alcohol can dull our senses and make us feel bad about ourselves. This is further exacerbated if we stress eat, consuming food in an effort to feel better only to feel worse. We can feel sick and have trouble sleeping. This starts a cycle of bad diet, poor sleep and caffeinated action that repeats itself.  It is made worse by constant attacks on our confidence both malicious and under the guise of support. This is a downward cycle that makes us less and less effective and more open to negative suggestion.

To be at your best and grow, you need to:

  1. Surround yourself with the right people
  2. Control your diet
  3. Get enough sleep
  4. Be active both physically and mentally

Living the martial arts lifestyle is a great start in maintaining a clear, sharp mind that will allow you to make better decisions. Living with discipline allows us to control our diet and get enough sleep. The martial arts allow us to exercise our bodies and minds. The confidence that martial arts provides, powers us from within. This inner power will allow us to recognize and counter attacks on our confidence.

Evaluate your situation and put yourself on the path to success. Martial arts can and should be a part of your growth. It is one of the most effective methods to keep you on the path to success.

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