Supporting a foundation that empowers girls and young women

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In 2014 my town was devastated by the murder of a young girl at school. Maren Sanchez was one of my son’s classmates and friends, so the tragedy really hit close to home. Maren was a smart, friendly and talented young woman. Her friends and family wanted to keep her memory alive so they established an annual music festival in her honor and today I learned of something that I want to share with you. Maren’s mother started a foundation to empower girls and young women to prevent future tragedies.

Here at Dauntless Fight Club self-defense is one of our main topics. As we have discussed in the past, self-defense is multi-faceted. These facets include awareness and empowerment. It is important that we empower girls and young women. We need to let them know that they do not need to and should not tolerate harassment and violence.

Below are links to the article that brought the foundation to my attention and a link to the foundation. I ask you to read the article and go to the foundation website. Let’s get the word out and help young women avoid being the victims of violence.


Article on the Foundation

The Maren Sanchez Home Foundation


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