Book Review – Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts

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I am always looking for fitness books geared toward martial artists. As I mentioned in last week’s article: it is important to condition the body outside of class. When I do conditioning, I try to focus on exercises that support my martial arts training. I focus on conditioning that helps me with my endurance, flexibility and expression of power through my technique. I get this training in structured classes, but I think it is also important to train on my own. I am no expert on fitness training, so I am always looking for new sources of information and new ideas on training.

I found a new source in the book, Warrior Fitness: Conditioning for Martial Arts by Jonathan Haas. He is a martial artist and fitness expert. He melds martial arts and fitness into easy to follow yet physically challenging drills. He gives guidance on how to integrate martial arts and fitness into all physical activity. The book explores proper posture, balance, flexibility, mobility, breathing, strength and the expression of power. The book is well written and has effective pictures that display the postures and moves. I enjoyed reading the book and am adding the drills to my work-out schedule.

For more information on the author go to Jonathan Haas’s website:

Amazon describes the book:
Since ancient times, stories have abounded about the legendary physical prowess of martial artists. Today’s lifestyle, coupled with a lack of knowledge about how to combine fitness and budo, has led to a rapid decline in martial artists levels of strength and conditioning. Warrior Fitness will help you and your students attain a new level of strength, flexibility and endurance — quickly and with little chance of injury. Warrior Fitness combines old school fitness with modern exercise science. Warrior Fitness covers: Flexibility, Joint mobility, Flow drills, Breathing exercises, Strength exercises, Conditioning exercises, Recovery, And much more…

I have added this book to the reading list and recommend it to you. It is a practical, information filled manual that I am confident you will find useful. For more information on the book, click the image link below.


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