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From my birthday in September through the end of the year I evaluate what I have done over the past year and set goals for the next. This is different than setting new year’s resolutions. There is no “new year, new me” for me. I am taking my experiences, making some adjustments, setting some new goals and planning for next year. In that process I found a book that that has influenced my goals enough that I want to recommend it to you. The book is Men of the Code: Living as a Superior Man by Bohdi Sanders. After reading it, I am resolving to be a better man in 2016. Although the lessons would apply to women too, the book is written for men. If you are a woman that is teaching boys and/or men to be better men, as it states in the description below this book may be good for you too.

Amazon Describes the book as:
Men of the Code is a handbook for men who want to live life to the fullest with character, honor, and integrity. Men of the Code examines the current state of men’s morals and ethics, and then shows men, step by step, how to hold themselves to a higher standard.

This is more than a book on character and ethics; Men of the Code goes much deeper into why men should live by a higher standard and how to do just that. This amazing book guides men and boys through the character traits that should be integrated into every man’s life and teaches the reader exactly how to develop his own code of honor.

Men of the Code touches on what it means to be a real man in today’s society. It examines the current state of men and how men are portrayed in movies, videos, television, and in the media. Then it delves into how men can transform their lives and become the kind of man that most of us respect and strive to be. Each character trait is examined in both an informative and entertaining chapter of its own. Each chapter contains easy to understand analogies, examples, and prose that reaches men on a deep level.

Men of the Code encourages and motivates men and boys to become the best that they can be, in a world where it seems most men are willing to settle for average. In Men of the Code, the reader will learn:

* How to be a superior man
* What it takes to be a real man
* How to be a better husband
* What true courage is
* How your thoughts affect your life
* The true meaning of honor
* What it means to be a true friend
* How to be a great father
* How to raise real men
* Why discipline is vital in your life
* Why sincerity is important
* How to live a life of excellence
* What true respect means
* How to live a life of honor
* How to be at peace with death
* How to make the right decision
* Why you should be courteous
* And much, much more…

Men of the Code is a must read for every mother and father, for every young man, and for those men who want to be what Confucius called, superior men. This book is truly life-changing.

The Amazon description is accurate. Reading it can be a life changing experience. Men have few role models for building character. Men are denigrated in the media or are shown in a manner that makes them poor role models. There are few resources readily available to men to help them be better men. This book is one of those resources and helps guide men and teach them what it means to be a person of character. The book is divided into easy to read chapters and gives quotes from historical figures that support the author’s points. It is easy to read and each chapter leaves you feeling more informed about how to live.

I have heard repeatedly that martial arts is not a hobby or a sport but a way of life. Most of the time the context was flippant and did not strike me as true. After reading this book, I have a better understanding of what it means to live martial arts. I do not teach martial arts for a living so I am not fully immersed all of the time. I am a financial services executive. My coworkers and business associates do not understand my martial arts lifestyle. As I get older the pressure to give up the martial arts lifestyle grows. People push me to play golf rather than train. This book is serving as a resource to keep on track with not only my martial arts but to help me become a better man.

The concept of discipline is foreign to most people. We see the lack of discipline in diet, achieving goals and spending money. We live in a “now” culture and there is not a focus on patience and discipline. All motivation dies at some point for everyone, only discipline stays the course. To build and keep this discipline we need constant support. Even if you are surrounded by supportive disciplined associates, this book will help you support yourself. If you are like me, you will read the book then keep it to review again and again. This is one of the books you buy so you can read it over and over and dog ear the pages. I highly recommend it and have added it to the reading list. Put this book at the top of your list for 2016!

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