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It wouldn’t be summer if you didn’t have your reading list. I read throughout the year but many of us wait for vacation time to feed our brains. I suggest you add a few martial arts books to your reading list. The following are all books that I have read and have gotten a lot out of. They are not style specific. No matter what style you study, you should get something out of any of these books. Click on the links to get full descriptions of these books.

Books cannot teach you everything about techniques but you can broaden your knowledge by adding books to your martial arts study.

Reading List

The Way of Kata: A Comprehensive Guide for Deciphering Martial Applications

Kata are at the center of most traditional martial arts styles. This book explains kata and will give you a new appreciation for them. I have read this book a couple of times and will be reading it again this summer.


The Anatomy of Martial Arts: An Illustrated Guide to the Muscles Used for Each Strike, Kick, and Throw

I like understanding all the dynamics of martial arts techniques. This book details the inner workings of the body doing martial arts techniques. This book will help you tweak your technique, which will make you more precise in your movements.


Fighting Science: The Laws of Physics for Martial Artists


Strength and Power Training for Martial Arts

Martina Sprague details the physics and power maximization in martial arts. She also describes strategies and teaches strength training specific for martial arts. I have read both of these books several times and have gotten a lot out of them.


The Art of Hojo Undo: Power Training for Traditional Karate

Traditional martial arts strength training is as fascinating as it is effective. I have just started my journey with Hojo Undo. This book gives a great description of many traditional strength building techniques.


Sport Karate Point Sparring: An essential guide to the point fighting method

Sport karate point fighting is a lot of fun. The moves are a little different than traditional sparring. This book will give you a taste of how sports fighting is different and it will show you a lot of techniques and strategies.


If you end up reading any of these books, please come back and let us all know your thoughts.


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